In the realm of sustainable entrepreneurship, Gwiba Pasiya emerges as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. As the Founder of GLONS OIL, a Waste Management, Recycling, and Energy company established in 2010, Pasiya's venture focuses on the recovery of waste oil and contaminated fuel, aligning with South Africa's National Environmental Management Waste Act. This 100% black youth-founded entity, with a level 1 BBBEE, exemplifies a commitment to conservation, service, and societal betterment.

The Genesis of GLONS OIL

Pasiya's journey commenced during his in-service training as a Chemical Process Operator, where he questioned the fate of defective and dirty oil. Recognizing a gap in the industry, he delved into researching waste lubricant oil, setting the foundation for GLONS OIL's inception.

Comprehensive Services and Business Model

GLONS OIL is not merely a waste oil recovery entity; it pioneers the collection of various used oils, contaminated fuels, and implements oil spill clean-ups. The revenue model revolves around selling recovered oil to clay brick manufacturing companies, providing a sustainable energy source.

Clientele and Recognition

The company's clientele spans mechanical workshops, factories, mines, construction sites, and more. GLONS OIL's distinction lies in not only recovering waste oil but also addressing ancillary elements like used oil filters, containers, and facilitating oil spill clean-ups. The accolades, including the 2022 Youth Award in SANEA ENERGY AWARDS, affirm the impact and recognition of GLONS OIL in the industry.

Innovation and Future Endeavors

Innovation remains at the forefront, with GLONS OIL introducing fully synthetic lubricant oil, emphasizing a circular economy. The future vision encompasses becoming a processing plant, solidifying environmental impact assessments, and building sustainable growth.

Words of Wisdom and Outreach

As Pasiya reflects on his journey, he offers invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of confidence, continuous learning, and seeking mentorship. GLONS OIL's outreach extends through fleet branding, social media presence, and collaborations, with exciting prospects on the horizon, including an ESD Partnership with a prominent South African refinery.

In the dynamic landscape of waste management and energy, GLONS OIL stands tall, driven by Pasiya's vision, resilience, and a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.