In the bustling heart of Nairobi, a city pulsating with energy, Lona Abiero found her calling and gave life to her dream - FitLibra Wellness. The name echoed with a harmonious blend of fitness and balance, a reflection of the profound mission she embarked upon. As the founder of FitLibra Wellness, Lona's journey to entrepreneurship is tied to a personal experience.

Established in 2019, this haven of physical fitness and health catered predominantly to women and girls, seeking not just self-defense skills, but also a form of therapeutic empowerment. Lona's journey began in response to her personal trials, channeling her experiences into martial arts and finding solace amidst the complexities of life.

“I went through an emotional rough patch that led to learn martial arts as a form of therapy and I wanted to use it to change the world around me,” she states.

FitLibra Wellness isn’t just a business; it is a beacon of inspiration. Lona's vision was simple yet profound - to educate, inspire, and empower. The core values radiate empathy, resilience, and self-belief. Her craft provides a safe space where fitness transcends the physical, and becomes a powerful tool for mental well-being. Lona's passion stemmed from her own transformative journey, driven by the desire to touch lives and bring about a change in her community.

Lona Abiero: Photo Courtesy

Distinguished from its competitors, FitLibra Wellness is not just about training, but healing. Lona's unique value proposition lay in her holistic approach, offering not only physical training encompassing karate, kickboxing, and Muai Thai, but also weight loss guidance, strength and conditioning, and nutritional support. These offerings are threads woven into a tapestry of personal growth and transformation.

As Lona narrated her milestones, her pride was evident. FitLibra Wellness has garnered a loyal clientele and garnered numerous referrals. The business is more than just a way to make money. It is a way to make a difference in the lives of others. Stories of clients reclaiming their health, testimonies of diabetics and hypertensive individuals stepping away from medications after embracing the FitLibra journey, paints a vivid picture of triumph.

“I’ve witness diabetic and hypertension patients get off meds after training with me,” she shared.

Lona's dedication and astute business acumen ensure profitability. Revenue is generated through the very act of empowering others. Her clientele spans across ages, from six-year-old children to adults seeking rejuvenation. Her approach is grounded in understanding her clients' needs and adapting her strategies to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

The path is not without its challenges. The lack of funds hinders Lona's dream of establishing a fully equipped gym for women and girls. Yet, her resilience shines through as she navigates these obstacles with grace, focusing on the core values that propel her venture.

“Due to lack of funds, I haven’t been able to have my own fully equipped gym for self-defense for women and girls. However, I do a lot of research and adjust accordingly to ensure sustainability,” she added.

Innovation is a driving force for FitLibra Wellness. Lona is committed to staying ahead of industry trends by conducting rigorous research and adapting to change. Her prominent presence on social media allows her to connect with her audience and share videos that showcase her work and resonate with the hearts of those seeking empowerment.

Lona Abiero: Photo Courtesy

She envisions a fully equipped martial arts gym, a hub of transformation for women and girls. Her journey is a testament to her belief in "chak achaka," the courage to start and endure, even when challenges loom.

As the conversation draws to a close, Lona's advice echoes with wisdom. For aspiring entrepreneurs, she offers a simple yet potent mantra: just start.

FitLibra Wellness stands as a testament to the profound impact one can create by channeling their passion into action. Lona's story illuminates the power of transformation, both within herself and the lives she touched. Her journey is a symphony of resilience, innovation, and empowerment, resonating with every step she takes along the path of FitLibra Wellness.