South Africa's leading supermarket chain, Pick n Pay, has launched a groundbreaking domestic money transfer service named Pick n Pay Money Transfer. This innovative offering revolutionizes the ease and accessibility of transferring money across Pick n Pay's vast network of 1,400 stores nationwide.

Convenient and Accessible Money Transfers

Pick n Pay Money Transfer provides customers with the convenience of transferring money between Pick n Pay stores seamlessly. With 1,400 locations spread across South Africa, customers can easily access this service wherever they are.

Transparent Pricing and Limits

For a fixed fee of R8.00 per transaction, customers can transfer amounts ranging from a minimum of R50 to a maximum of R3,000 per transaction, with a monthly limit of R25,000. This transparent pricing structure ensures affordability and clarity for customers.

Registering for Pick n Pay Money Transfer is a straightforward process requiring only a valid ID document. Once registered at any Pick n Pay store, customers gain immediate access to initiate transactions, streamlining the money transfer experience.

Universal Access Across Pick n Pay Group

The service is not confined to supermarkets alone but extends to all entities within the Pick n Pay retail group, encompassing clothing and Boxer stores. This broad accessibility enhances convenience for customers, allowing them to access the service across various retail outlets.

Upon initiating a transaction, both the sender and receiver receive a unique PIN via SMS. The receiver can then conveniently access the transferred funds instantly at any affiliated Pick n Pay, clothing, or Boxer store, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions.

Consistent Flat Transaction Fee

Regardless of the transferred amount, the flat transaction fee of R8.00 remains consistent, providing customers with predictability and cost-effectiveness in their money transfer transactions. Pick n Pay Money Transfer is facilitated by Absa, one of the largest banks in Africa, ensuring the reliability and security of all transactions conducted through the service.

Addressing Growing Demand

With the demand for money transfer services on the rise in South Africa, Pick n Pay's innovative offering addresses a critical need in the market, providing customers with a reliable and accessible solution for their financial transactions.

Enabling Financial Flexibility

Pick n Pay Money Transfer empowers South Africans to manage a diverse range of financial needs, from sending remittances and paying bills to accessing emergency funds, fostering financial inclusion and flexibility across communities.