Endeavor Kenya, a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to supporting high-impact entrepreneurs, has unveiled the ScaleUp Program—an innovative cohort-based initiative tailored for high-growth founders in East Africa. This program marks a pivotal step in identifying and nurturing ten promising ventures, offering them an unparalleled network and essential resources to navigate the complexities of scaling.

Catalyzing Growth in East Africa

In a bid to catalyze growth and foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, Endeavor Kenya's ScaleUp Program is poised to play a crucial role. Over a span of 28 months, selected entrepreneurs will be immersed in the Endeavor ScaleUp methodology—a comprehensive framework integrating expert mentorship, immersive business development training, fundraising support, and an influential peer network comprising successful high-impact entrepreneurs.

Program Features: A Blueprint for Scaling Success

Entrepreneurs in the ScaleUp Program will benefit from strategic mentorship and immersive business development training. This hands-on approach aims to provide them with the insights and skills needed to scale their ventures successfully.

Acknowledging the financial challenges that often accompany scaling, the program includes dedicated fundraising support. This element ensures that entrepreneurs have access to the resources required to fuel their expansion.

Global Network Access

Through the Endeavor Kenya network, participants will tap into global expertise, opening doors to curated services and opportunities. This global perspective is designed to turbo-charge their journey to scale.

The program emphasizes the importance of a strong peer network. Entrepreneurs will have the chance to connect with and learn from high-impact peers who have already navigated the complexities of scaling successful businesses.

Fostering a Multiplier Effect

Managing Director of Endeavor Kenya, Ms. Maryanne Ochola, expressed the program's significance in the context of the broader ecosystem. She highlighted the opportunity for local founders to leverage global expertise and services, propelling them toward scalable success. The program isn't just about individual success; it's about creating a multiplier effect within the start-up ecosystem.

Nurturing Early-Stage Ventures

For the inaugural cohort, early-stage businesses based in East Africa are invited to apply. The qualifying criteria include having a tech or tech-enabled business model, a viable product, a minimum of $500,000 in annual recurring revenue, and a year-on-year growth rate of at least 50%. Additionally, businesses should contribute to job creation or provide responsible financial services at scale.

Strategic Growth Milestones: Seed to Series B

Selected businesses are expected to undergo significant growth milestones during the program, ranging from seed to pre-series A or series A to series B. This strategic approach aligns with the vision of nurturing high-growth companies that can eventually become the next generation of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Endeavor Kenya's Contribution to Entrepreneurship Communities

Endeavor Kenya's ScaleUp Program emerges as a beacon for East African high-growth founders, offering a structured path to scale and thrive. By combining global expertise, strategic resources, and a supportive ecosystem, Endeavor Kenya is poised to make a lasting impact on the region's entrepreneurial landscape. As the program unfolds, it has the potential not only to elevate individual businesses but to contribute significantly to the overall vibrancy and productivity of entrepreneurship communities in East Africa.