In a significant stride towards reshaping the landscape of cloud infrastructure management, Deimos, a leading technology company specializing in cloud-native solutions, has unveiled Deimos Managed Infrastructure (DMI). This groundbreaking Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform is poised to redefine how businesses in Africa navigate and optimize their cloud operations.

Deimos: Pioneers in Cloud-Native Solutions

Since its inception in 2018, Deimos has been a trailblazer in advancing cloud solution technology across Africa. The company has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of prominent entities like CBN, Kuda Bank, and Mukuru. Now, with the launch of DMI, Deimos aims to elevate the efficiency, scalability, and security of cloud infrastructure management.

Streamlining Time to Market

With a sharp focus on security, scalability, and efficiency, DMI significantly truncates the time to market for a diverse range of businesses, including tech startups, small and midsize enterprises, and large corporations. By minimizing the complexities of infrastructure management, DMI empowers businesses to channel their energies into developing robust customer-centric applications, fostering accelerated growth.

Automated Solutions for Enhanced Resilience

Built on decades of experience in addressing complex system challenges, DMI introduces automation that reduces recovery times to less than 30 minutes—a remarkable improvement compared to traditional solutions. This automation ensures heightened resilience and operational efficiency, critical factors for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

Seamless Onboarding with Zero Downtime

An integral aspect of DMI's appeal is its onboarding process, executed without downtime during migration. This feature allows tech startups and businesses to maximize their cloud investments seamlessly, positioning them competitively in the rapidly evolving digital realm.

Strategic Entry into the IaaS Market

The launch of DMI strategically positions Deimos in the booming Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market, projected to reach an estimated $481.8 billion by 2030. This move reflects the company's commitment to offering businesses a cost-effective alternative to traditional equipment purchasing and maintenance.

Meeting the Needs of Tech Companies and Digital Banks

In a landscape where swift deployment and scalability are paramount, DMI caters to the needs of tech companies and digitized traditional banks. It provides a flexible and scalable solution, eliminating the hurdles associated with the lengthy procurement and deployment of new equipment.

Addressing Critical Pain Points: Solutions Offered by DMI

DMI accelerates infrastructure deployment, reducing the time from 12 months to under 3 months for swift market entry. With redundancy, load-balanced deployment, and auto-scale groups, DMI ensures uninterrupted operations and high availability. DMI provides insights into system health with an observability platform, offering visual metrics for informed decision-making. Real-time optimization of cloud costs aligns resource use with business objectives, ensuring efficient financial operations. Offering a quick recovery within 30 minutes of a catastrophic incident, DMI prioritizes security without compromise, adopting and benchmarking against industry standards.

Director's Insight: Crafting a Flexible and State-of-the-Art Solution

David Roos, Director of SRE at Deimos, emphasized the company's commitment to evolving in line with industry best practices. He stated, "DMI comprehensively addresses all facets of a well-architected cloud environment, ensuring our clients possess a sturdy foundation for their applications."

Deimos' cloud-agnostic approach ensures that clients receive tailored solutions for their unique environments. With partnerships spanning Google, AWS, Azure, JumpCloud, GitLab, Cloudflare, and more, Deimos is positioned as a strategic partner for businesses looking to concentrate on core activities without grappling with the complexities of technology management. As Deimos unleashes DMI, the company solidifies its commitment to providing a flexible, secure, and innovative solution for businesses navigating the dynamic digital landscape.