Zuri, a trailblazing Pan-African beauty startup, celebrates a significant milestone as it secures its first institutional tech investment from Launch Africa Ventures. This investment not only marks a pivotal moment in Zuri's journey but also signifies a groundbreaking advancement in the African beauty industry.

Zuri's Evolution

Founded in 2016 by visionary entrepreneur Gisela Van Houcke, Zuri has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from humble origins of selling products from the trunk of a car to emerging as a tech-driven force in the beauty sector. The company's mission is rooted in empowering Black women entrepreneurs and customers by offering culturally relevant beauty products.

Bridging Physical and Digital Spaces

Zuri distinguishes itself through its innovative distribution model, which encompasses physical salons, e-commerce platforms, and social channels. This hybrid approach enables Zuri to reach a diverse customer base while delivering personalized experiences through its proprietary software platform.

Fostering Beauty Empowerment Across Africa

With a customer base exceeding 20,000 and a robust social media following surpassing 500,000, Zuri has solidified its position as a leader in the Pan-African beauty landscape. The company's presence extends across key African markets, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Venturing Into New Territories

Zuri sets its sights on international expansion, with plans to enter the European market, beginning with France and Belgium. Launch Africa Ventures recognizes Zuri's strong potential for growth, backed by a proven product-market fit and efficient operational strategies.

Strategic Investment: Fueling Growth and Innovation

Launch Africa Ventures' investment in Zuri not only capitalizes on the vast opportunities within the African beauty market but also diversifies its portfolio, reinforcing its position in high-potential sectors. The fund is committed to supporting Zuri's expansion efforts, enhancing its technological infrastructure, and fostering strategic partnerships to propel the company's growth trajectory.

Inspiring Innovation

Zuri's landmark investment journey exemplifies the convergence of entrepreneurship, technology, and empowerment in the beauty industry. As Zuri embarks on its next chapter of growth and expansion, it continues to redefine beauty standards, empower women entrepreneurs, and inspire innovation across Africa and beyond.