Mrsool Egypt's Growth Trajectory

Mrsool Egypt, an integral part of the renowned on-demand delivery platform Mrsool in Saudi Arabia, sets its sights on rapid expansion within the Egyptian market. With ambitious plans to offer 10,000 new job opportunities for couriers in 2024, Mrsool Egypt aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the delivery industry.

Driving Growth Through Job Creation

In a press release, Mrsool Egypt unveils its commitment to job creation by announcing plans to onboard 10,000 new couriers, surpassing the impressive 30% growth witnessed in 2023. This initiative reflects Mrsool's dedication to fostering economic empowerment and providing employment opportunities for individuals across Egypt.

Acknowledging Couriers' Contributions

Ahmed Hamdi, Marketing Manager at Mrsool Egypt, acknowledges the invaluable contributions of the couriers, attributing the company's remarkable growth to their diligent efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence. Mrsool Egypt has swiftly established itself as a trusted name in the delivery sector, thanks to the dedication of its courier network operating across various governorates, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Mansoura.

Leadership for Development and Innovation

Mrsool Egypt appoints Mostafa Maghrabi as the General Manager, signaling a strategic move to drive further development and growth. Maghrabi's leadership aims to enhance innovation levels, improve service quality, and foster strong partnerships with both stakeholders and customers.

Fairwork Institution Ratings

In a testament to its commitment to fostering a conducive work environment, Mrsool Egypt receives the highest ratings from the global Fairwork institution, recognizing it as one of the best digital workplaces in Africa. This accolade underscores Mrsool's dedication to promoting fair labor practices and prioritizing the well-being of its workforce.

Investing in Egypt's Future

Since its inception in mid-2019, Mrsool has invested nearly EGP 300 million in the Egyptian market, demonstrating its long-term commitment to driving economic growth and prosperity. These investments serve as a catalyst for job creation, infrastructure development, and innovation within the Egyptian delivery ecosystem.

Empowering Communities, Driving Progress

As Mrsool Egypt embarks on its expansion journey, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower communities, stimulate economic growth, and drive social progress. Through strategic investments, job creation initiatives, and a commitment to excellence, Mrsool Egypt is poised to redefine the delivery landscape and contribute significantly to Egypt's economic development.