Faras Cab has announced a strategic partnership with Apex E-Mobility and ABSA Bank to drive climate-sensitive technology and innovation in Africa. This collaboration aims to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of transportation in the region.

NTSA's Safety Recommendations

During a speech in Nairobi, National Transport Service Authority (NTSA) Licensing Officer, Franklin Muriithi, emphasized the importance of safety and regulatory compliance for Faras Cab. He highlighted the need for an anti-drunk driving policy to ensure drivers remain sober while on duty, as well as the necessity for rigorous licensing protocols for both the company and its drivers.

Driver and Client Safety Prioritized

Muriithi urged Faras Cab drivers to prioritize their safety and that of their passengers. He advised them to alert clients about unsafe routes, especially at night, and reminded them that the maximum interest charges per trip should not exceed 18 percent. Additionally, he stressed the importance of a dispute resolution program that considers clients' perspectives to effectively address and resolve customer issues.

Induction and Training Policies

The NTSA official also called for comprehensive induction programs for new drivers, focusing on road safety and vehicle maintenance. He suggested that Faras Cab implement an independent vehicle inspection system to complement NTSA's oversight, ensuring higher safety standards.

Commitment to Driver Welfare

Faras Cab's General Manager, Allan Maimbu, praised the dedication and hard work of the drivers, describing them as the backbone of the company's success. Maimbu emphasized the importance of stakeholder engagement to provide drivers with the necessary knowledge, resources, and support to enhance their performance and satisfaction.

Immediate Earnings and Security Measures

Maimbu assured drivers that they could access their earnings immediately after each trip, and highlighted measures taken to prioritize the security of both drivers and clients. He also mentioned that parking fees would be covered by customers as part of their trip payments.

Feedback and Fair Policies

The GM stated that Faras Cab is committed to receiving and acting on feedback from both clients and drivers. He assured drivers that they would not face penalties for customer cancellations and that the suspension period for drivers had been reduced from six months to 14 days, ensuring fair treatment.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Apex E-Mobility's Managing Director, Abdigani Jama, outlined the company's role in addressing climate change by promoting electric mobility. Apex plans to provide batteries and charging stations accessible across the region, ensuring seamless charging for vehicles. The partnership with Faras Cab includes a commitment to have 25 percent of their fleet using clean technology, supporting Kenya's green agenda.