In a move set to revolutionize online shopping in Nigeria, Jumia has announced a strategic partnership with Newedge (Easybuy), a pioneering finance company. This collaboration aims to provide consumers with a convenient and flexible way to shop online.

Enhancing Consumer Shopping Experience

The partnership between Jumia and Easybuy introduces a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution, allowing consumers to purchase their desired products and pay over a specified period. This initiative significantly enhances the shopping experience by removing the immediate payment barrier, enabling consumers to buy with confidence.

Benefits of the Partnership

By integrating Easybuy's BNPL solution, Jumia is offering its customers financial freedom and a more streamlined checkout process. This integration ensures a smoother and more accessible shopping journey, making it easier for consumers to acquire the products they need without the pressure of upfront payments.

CEO's Perspective

Sunil Natraj, CEO of Jumia Nigeria, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Collaborating with Easybuy to provide our consumers with a much-needed Buy Now, Pay Later solution is a win-win for everyone. We understand the importance of offering flexible payment options, especially in this challenging economic environment.”

This strategic partnership between Jumia and Easybuy marks a significant step towards enhancing online shopping in Nigeria. By offering flexible payment options, Jumia continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing consumers with convenient and innovative shopping solutions.