Inquiring about the identity and mission of a burgeoning enterprise, I asked, "What is your name?" To which the response came as "Future Oghenetega Ahiate." A subsequent query followed, "What is your company name?" The answer to this inquiry was revealed as "Feedbag Agrihub." The next topic of discussion was the industry within which the company operated, and it was firmly rooted in the realm of Agribusiness.

As we delved deeper into the company's history, I learned that it had officially commenced its operations in 2018 but was formally launched in the year 2023.

Moving forward, a brief but enlightening description of the business unfolded. It was a venture that harnessed controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems to cultivate fresh and nourishing produce year-round, all without the need for soil. The enterprise also undertook a mission to empower farmers by furnishing them with standardized, accessible, and affordable transportation services. Their overarching mission and vision encompassed several key elements:


  • Facilitating access to healthy food through innovative technologies and a sustainable food supply chain.
  • Transformation of Africa's agricultural landscape via innovative tech solutions for year-round food production.
  • Cultivating a future for agriculture in Africa by empowering farmers and introducing agribusiness to the younger generation through technological practices, all while advocating inclusivity.
  • A revolution in African agriculture through a blockchain-powered food system that enhances traceability, transparency, and sustainability while prioritizing nutrition and equity from farm to table.
  • Development of a utility token backed by agro-commodities to facilitate transactions across the agricultural economy.

Vision: The vision entailed pioneering a blockchain-powered food system, marking a new era for Africa's agricultural economy with a strong emphasis on nutrition and equity from farm to table.

The genesis of this enterprise was deeply rooted in the founder's love for agriculture, which had blossomed at the age of 13 when they planted their first seed. Their early experiences in business management, particularly during their time selling at their mother's shop, had honed their acumen for commerce. As a young entrepreneur, they had already demonstrated remarkable financial prowess, earning the moniker "The Manager." Subsequent years saw them working with prominent companies such as MTN, Airtel, and Glo as a sales representative and front desk specialist. This multifaceted experience imbued them with a diverse skill set and a sharp understanding of business dynamics.

The founder's journey was marked by diverse experiences, including building a poultry cage single-handedly and achieving a bountiful harvest of African spinach. These experiences ignited a profound motivation to address the challenges faced by farmers, ranging from post-harvest losses to food waste, pests, diseases, and inefficient logistics. This motivation led to research, culminating in the discovery of greenhouse hydroponics farming as a solution.

The founder's commitment to agriculture extended beyond business, as they actively volunteered in various agricultural programs aimed at advancing agriculture across Africa. They embraced the title of "Classicyptofarmer" to inspire young individuals to engage in agriculture while dispelling stereotypes about the field.

In terms of milestones, the company considered itself a startup, even though it was now legally registered. The journey had been long, and they anticipated numerous achievements on the horizon, inviting others to follow their exciting journey.

Challenges have not spared their business, with issues related to power supply and unstable market prices posing significant hurdles. However, they remain determined to overcome these obstacles.

Innovation and technology are integral to their approach. They prioritize the intersection of technology and agriculture, embracing tech solutions that effectively address agribusiness challenges. They emphasize that innovation need not be overly complex; its value lay in its ability to solve real-world problems.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, the founder offers sage advice: "The first stage of faith is believing in yourself. Never give up early, there's a reason why God put that idea in your head, and you can't say no unless you go out and work on it." These words resonated with the journey of Feedbag Agrihub, driven by a passionate founder's belief in the power of agriculture and innovation.