Grant Mapisila, a proud Zambian residing in Lusaka, founded Artstar Printing Media in 2019. His venture into the printing industry was inspired by a personal journey of struggle and determination. After completing his secondary education, Grant faced the challenging job market but found his way into a marketing position. However, the difficulties in acquiring clients prompted him to seek a new path.

Grant's entrepreneurial spirit led him to embrace door-to-door marketing, a challenging journey that persisted for nearly two years. During this time, Artstar Printing Media evolved, specializing not only in printing but also in all things art-related. The company's mission is to ensure client satisfaction by aiding young artists in promoting their work. Grant envisions Artstar Printing Media as a prominent brand in Southern Africa, even aspiring to one day print African ballot papers.

What sets Artstar Printing Media apart from competitors in the industry is their commitment to affordability, punctuality, and client understanding. Grant strives to offer competitive pricing, ensuring timely deliveries, and accommodating clients' payment terms.

The success stories of Artstar Printing Media include transforming companies with vibrant branding services. Their dedication to meeting clients' needs and delivering on promises has earned them long-standing relationships with satisfied customers.

To attract and retain clients, Grant adheres to a simple but effective strategy: providing what clients need and delivering it promptly. He emphasizes open communication and is willing to borrow funds if necessary to fulfill client orders.

“Firsts is pricing, time, understanding. Trying by all means not to be expensive is one thing that has helped me, making sure I deliver on time also is a key thing for me understanding the terms of payment a client is Okey with has also helped me,” he says.

Artstar Printing Media's reputation speaks for itself, as many loyal clients continue to support the business. Grant has faced challenges, such as financial constraints hindering order fulfillment, but he remains resilient in overcoming these obstacles.

Successful marketing and promotional strategies for Artstar Printing Media include a combination of social media and door-to-door marketing. These efforts have significantly contributed to the company's growth. Grant's long-term vision for Artstar Printing Media is to become a renowned printing company in Africa, known for its quality and reliability. His plan for achieving this vision includes investing in updated machinery as the business expands.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Grant offers valuable advice: persevere through challenges, prioritize client satisfaction, and maintain open communication. His journey with Artstar Printing Media serves as a testament to the power of determination and dedication in achieving entrepreneurial success.