Revolutionizing Financial Inclusion and Digital Commerce

Kenyan e-commerce and fintech trailblazer, Copia, has recently announced a groundbreaking five-year partnership with global digital payments giant Visa. This strategic collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of financial services and digital commerce, particularly targeting rural, middle to low-income consumers in Kenya.

Empowering Rural Consumers: Copia's B2C Platform

Copia's business-to-consumer (B2C) platform stands as a beacon for rural consumers, providing them with a unique space to order a diverse range of products conveniently delivered to their doorsteps. Founded in 2013 by Silicon Valley experts Tracey Turner and Jonathan Lewis, Copia's digitally-enabled agents serve as local hubs for order placement and delivery, effectively bridging the gap between online and offline transactions.

Visa-Copia Synergy: The Digital Wallet Evolution

The strategic alliance between Copia and Visa introduces a transformative digital wallet. This integrated wallet seamlessly merges shopping and financial services, offering consumers an all-encompassing platform. Beyond the traditional e-commerce experience, Copia's app becomes a financial hub, allowing users not only to shop and pay but also to save, borrow, and access a plethora of financial services. Key features include flexible payment options, "Buy Now Pay Later" credit, "Save Now Buy Later" savings, credit score building, and exclusive loyalty solutions from Visa.

Financial Inclusion Redefined: Opportunities for the Mass Market

Evelyn Wangari, Director of Financial Services at Copia Global, emphasizes the enormous potential for financial inclusion, stating, “The partnership and rapid digitization of customers create a huge opportunity for Copia and Visa to bank the unbanked with previously inaccessible financial services, solving financial inclusion for the mass market in Africa.”

Diaspora Engagement: Remittances and Essential Purchases

The Copia-Visa collaboration extends its impact to diaspora communities, enabling seamless remittances directly into the Copia wallet. This innovative approach allows natives living abroad to contribute to the purchase of essential goods and services for their families back home, further solidifying Copia's commitment to community-centric financial solutions.

Copia’s Unique Model and Visa’s Expertise

Copia's unique model relies on digitally-enabled local agents who serve as order and delivery points. These agents, often existing trusted shopkeepers, empower consumers to choose and pay for products from the Copia catalogue. Once an order is placed, Copia efficiently coordinates product delivery to the local agent for customer pickup.

Visa, a global payments facilitator, brings its expertise in managing transactions across borders, connecting consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and government entities worldwide.

Copia and Visa: A Union of Commerce and Financial Empowerment

As Copia and Visa join forces, the collaboration promises to bring financial empowerment, contactless payments, remittances, and loyalty solutions to Copia's extensive network of customers, agents, and delivery sub-contractors. Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Visa Kenya Country Manager, affirms, “Copia’s e-commerce platform provides the perfect springboard for Visa to bring financial services to the mass market.”

This innovative partnership symbolizes a significant stride towards financial inclusion and digitized commerce, marking a new era for both Copia and Visa in the dynamic landscape of African fintech and e-commerce.