Khoi Tech's Remarkable Journey

In a significant stride towards global recognition, South African start-up Khoi Tech, backed by Telkom Group, has secured a coveted spot as a member of the BRICS Business Council's manufacturing group. This recognition propels Khoi Tech onto an international platform, showcasing its prowess in technology and innovation.

The Birth of Khoi Afriwatch1: Revolutionizing Health Tech

Nestled in Soweto, Khoi Tech has etched its name in the tech landscape with the creation of its flagship product, the Khoi Afriwatch1. This smartwatch is not merely a gadget; it serves as a real-time health companion, providing crucial data on vital indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, stress levels, and sleep patterns.

Khoi Tech's Integration into the BRICS Business Council

Joining the manufacturing group of the BRICS Business Council is more than a milestone for Khoi Tech; it's a strategic move to amplify South Africa's technological progress on the global stage. This collaboration provides a platform for synergies and cooperation among businesses in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Seati Moloi's Vision

Seati Moloi, the visionary CEO and founder of Khoi Tech, envisions more than just technological innovation. For Moloi, alignment with the council's objectives signifies a commitment to exploring opportunities for local manufacturing, a move that promises economic empowerment and job creation. Moloi emphasizes, "Our partnership with fellow BRICS members in the components manufacturing sector is a strategic move that positions Khoi Tech for exponential growth."

Leveraging BRICS Resources for Innovation

Khoi Tech's collaboration with component manufacturers and suppliers within the BRICS consortium is a testament to its forward-thinking approach. By tapping into a diverse pool of resources, the company aims to foster innovation and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.

A Vision Beyond Boundaries

In a testament to its ambition, Khoi Tech unveiled plans to equip South Africa's national cricket team, the Proteas, with its groundbreaking Khoi Afriwatch1. This strategic move not only showcases the watch's capabilities but also positions Khoi Tech as a frontrunner in integrating technology into sports for enhanced performance monitoring.

As Khoi Tech navigates the global stage through its BRICS affiliation, it not only signifies a triumph for the company but also underscores the potential of South African innovation to make waves on the international scene.