LEVA Hotels, a prominent UAE-based hospitality brand, has declared its strategic expansion into Zimbabwe, marking a significant milestone in the brand's growth journey. In collaboration with Troika Design Workshop (TDW) and Turnbury Property Developers (TPD), LEVA Hotels embarks on two groundbreaking projects set to redefine hospitality in Zimbabwe.

Collaboration Overview

LEVA's expansion ventures in Zimbabwe are a result of a robust partnership with Troika Design Workshop, a distinguished consulting firm specializing in architecture and engineering, and Turnbury Property Developers, an esteemed real estate development company committed to community shaping. This collaboration, underpinned by shared values and a commitment to excellence, signifies LEVA Hotels' dedication to fostering sustainable development and supporting local businesses and talents within the region.

TDW and TPD will lead the property development efforts, steering the creation of a 120-unit residential complex, LEVA Hotel Residences, and a four-star LEVA hotel featuring 180 rooms in the Mount Pleasant suburb of Harare. These ventures are poised to enhance Zimbabwe's hospitality landscape with LEVA's distinctive brand design elements, brought to life by TDW's innovative architectural approach and Turnbury's proficiency in real estate development.

Sustainable Hospitality: A Pillar of LEVA's Expansion

Zimbabwe, with its world-class tourism infrastructure, provides a fertile ground for LEVA Hotels' expansion plans. Unlike many African nations, Zimbabwe boasts luxurious hotels and lodges, making it an attractive destination. The upcoming four-star hotel and LEVA Hotel Residences aim to leverage this potential, offering a blend of sustainability, innovation, and vibrancy. With a launch timeline of two years, these properties are set to redefine the hospitality experience in the country.

Vision for Africa's Tourism Landscape

LEVA Hotels is committed to democratizing hospitality, making it accessible for budget-conscious travelers. The brand's distinctive business model, emphasizing affordability, quality, and a keen focus on local culture, positions it as a game-changer in the industry. LEVA Hotels envisions playing a pivotal role in shaping Africa's tourism landscape, contributing to making the continent a sought-after destination for travelers worldwide.