In 2022, Winnie Maina embarked on a transformative journey in the medical aesthetics landscape by founding JALAD Aesthetic Clinic.

Conveniently situated at the Family Health Options Hospital Doctors Plaza along Mai Mahiu road at the T-Mall junction in Nairobi West, JALAD stands out for offering state-of-the-art medical aesthetic treatments. What makes JALAD unique is its commitment to affordability without compromising on premium quality, bringing together a team of highly qualified professionals, including Plastic, Reconstruction, and Aesthetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Nurse Practitioners.

Inspiration and Conception

The seed for JALAD was planted in 2019 when Winnie, working as a hair transplant technician, had a transformative interaction with a patient. Learning that the patient intended to seek cosmetic procedures abroad prompted Winnie to delve into the reasons. Through extensive research, she identified three critical issues: the lack of visibility of cosmetic medicine in Kenya, concerns about safety and integrity, and a perception of unaffordability. Armed with a business plan to address these issues, JALAD Aesthetic Clinic opened its doors in January 2022.

Mission and Vision

At the core of JALAD's mission is the leadership in providing affordable medical aesthetic treatment services. With deep medical insights and diverse experience in cosmetic medicine, the clinic aims to help clients achieve their confidence goals. The vision extends beyond borders, aspiring to be the most effective, efficient, and affordable medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinic in Africa.

JALAD is grounded in essential values, including confidentiality, integrity, accountability, and teamwork. These values form the foundation for a client-centric approach, ensuring that every interaction respects the individuality of the clients and fosters an ethical and professional environment.

Services Offered

JALAD's comprehensive services cover Cosmetic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic surgery, hair loss treatment and restoration, skin rejuvenation, and general dermatology consultation and treatment. From breast reduction and lift to hair transplants and skin rejuvenation, JALAD offers a diverse range of treatments.

Clientele and Market Strategy

The target market for JALAD includes men and women aged 25-60, spanning lower middle, middle, and upper middle-income earners. Continuous market research, engagement through social media, Q&A sessions, and client feedback mechanisms ensure that JALAD stays attuned to the needs and expectations of its clientele.

Success Stories and Achievements

JALAD has achieved significant milestones within its first year, with numerous women trusting the clinic for breast reduction and lift procedures. The clinic has garnered acclaim for its incredible results in hair restoration and runs a successful dermatology clinic every day of the week.

Beyond profit, JALAD sees its social responsibility in destigmatizing the cosmetic industry. Winnie endeavors to educate the public on cosmetic procedures, emphasizing that clients often seek improvements to self-esteem and confidence. Looking ahead, JALAD aims to collaborate on Breast Reduction CSR projects to assist women struggling with gigantomastia.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Winnie's entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring tale of identifying a gap, defining unique value propositions, and taking the bold step to start. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is clear: identify the gap, define your value addition, and start!

As JALAD Aesthetic Clinic continues to make waves in the medical aesthetics domain, Winnie Maina stands as a visionary entrepreneur redefining beauty standards in Kenya and beyond. Her commitment to affordability, quality, and ethical practices positions JALAD as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetic care.