Revolutionizing Logistics in Nigeria

SmartParcel, a cutting-edge logistics startup in Nigeria, has announced the launch of its SmartLocker Investor Franchise and Location Partnership programs. These initiatives aim to provide secure, convenient, and reliable delivery services while offering lucrative passive income opportunities for investors and partners.

A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

The “SmartLocker Franchise” program presents an attractive investment opportunity for individuals, corporate entities, and state governments. By investing in a SmartLocker for N9.5M, investors can earn up to 25% ROI per annum. The program also offers financing options and a digital dashboard for transaction statistics, ensuring transparency and ease of management.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Investors will benefit from SmartParcel's extensive support, resources, and training to ensure their success. This program is designed to establish a robust network of SmartLocker franchisees across Nigeria, enhancing parcel delivery services nationwide.

Earning Potential for Strategic Locations

The “Location Partnership” program allows interested parties to earn monthly revenue by providing strategic locations for SmartLocker deployment. Suitable locations include hospitals, malls, supermarkets, e-commerce sites, and other related sectors. The space requirement is 10m by 2m, and partners will have access to a digital dashboard to monitor their earnings.

Nationwide Deployment and Services

SmartParcel’s nationwide SmartLocker deployments offer features such as insured compartments, e-commerce solutions, click & ship services, and virtual mailboxes. These features ensure secure, convenient, and reliable first and last-mile delivery services for customers.

Both the SmartLocker Franchise and Location Partnership programs require minimal KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation. This includes CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) registration, full name, phone number, and a valid ID, ensuring all investors and partners meet the necessary legal and regulatory standards.

Leadership Insights: Commitment to Innovation and Success

Commenting on the launch, SmartParcel’s CEO and Co-founder, Benjamin Adeyemo, expressed excitement about the new opportunities. “We are thrilled to offer these innovative programs to individuals, public, and private organizations in Nigeria and the diaspora. The SmartLocker Franchise and Location Partnership are exceptional investment opportunities that promise significant returns.”

Prequalification Process

Adeyemo also highlighted that the franchise prequalification process will be managed by NASD OTC Securities Exchange, ensuring a streamlined and credible selection of franchisees and partners.

SmartParcel is a reputable tech company in Nigeria, collaborating with prominent organizations such as Nigeria Postal Service, Sterling Bank, ALAT by WEMA, Errandlr, and Aramex. These partnerships underscore SmartParcel’s commitment to providing reliable and innovative logistics solutions.