Disrupting the Loyalty Program Landscape

Moroccan FinTech startup tookeez, pioneering the aggregation of loyalty programs, has secured $1.5 million in a fundraising round with Azur Innovation Fund. This strategic partnership aims to elevate the customer loyalty experience across Africa and the MENA region, signaling a significant advancement in the realm of loyalty programs.

Addressing Consumer Frustration

Traditional loyalty programs often fall short of meeting consumer expectations, leading to frustration due to slow point accumulation, difficulty in redeeming rewards, and limited options for redemption. tookeez aims to revolutionize this landscape by offering a seamless and flexible solution for loyalty point conversion.

The Vision of tookeez

Founded by Hicham Amadi and sisters Wiam and Siham Elmejjad, tookeez introduces a universal digital value unit for loyalty points, facilitating transactions across a diverse network of retail partners. This innovative approach not only simplifies the redemption process but also enhances the value proposition for both consumers and brands.

Accelerating Expansion and Innovation

With the infusion of $1.5 million from Azur Innovation Fund, tookeez plans to expedite its expansion within Morocco, across Africa, and the MENA region. Additionally, the investment will fuel further advancements in technical development, particularly in blockchain technology, underscoring tookeez's commitment to innovation and growth.

Empowering Economic Inclusion

Siham Elmejjad, CEO of tookeez, emphasizes the company's mission to foster economic and financial inclusion across the continent. With a vision to reach 4 million active members by 2028, tookeez aspires to establish itself as a transformative ecosystem for economic empowerment and inclusion.

Partnering for Impact

Adnane Filali, President of Azur Innovation Fund, expresses pride in partnering with tookeez, recognizing its potential to redefine the customer loyalty ecosystem. This collaboration reflects Azur Innovation Fund's commitment to supporting visionary entrepreneurs who drive meaningful impact on a global scale.

As tookeez embarks on its journey to reshape the loyalty program landscape, the partnership with Azur Innovation Fund serves as a testament to its potential for transformative change. With a focus on innovation, inclusivity, and customer-centricity, tookeez is poised to revolutionize loyalty programs and drive economic empowerment across Africa and the MENA region.