The 2023 ABH Prize Winners

In a momentous AR-enabled Grand Finale hosted in Kigali, Rwanda, the Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Prize Competition announced its 2023 winners. Entrepreneurs hailing from Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt claimed the top three positions. Dr. Ikpeme Neto from Nigeria secured the first prize, followed by Thomas Njeru from Kenya in second place, and Ayman Bazaraa from Egypt clinching the third position.

Meet the Top Three Winners

1. Dr. Ikpeme Neto - CEO and Founder of Wellahealth Technologies (Nigeria) - Winner of US$300,000

2. Mr. Thomas Njeru - CEO and Co-Founder of Pula Advisors Limited (Kenya) - Winner of US$250,000

3. Mr. Ayman Bazaraa - CEO and Co-Founder of Sprints (Egypt) - Winner of US$150,000

These entrepreneurs stood out among 27,267 applicants from all 54 African nations, showcasing exceptional ingenuity and community impact.

Commitment to Change: Five Years of ABH Impact

As ABH celebrates its fifth anniversary, it reflects on five years of transformative impact. The prize competition program has played a pivotal role in supporting and recognizing African entrepreneurs. To commemorate this milestone, a two-day summit, themed “AI: African Insight, Innovation, Impact,” accompanied the Grand Finale. This historic event brought together over 1,750 entrepreneurial ecosystem players and aspiring entrepreneurs, making it the largest physical gathering in ABH’s history.

Dedication to Socio-Economic Growth

Since 2019, ABH grant recipients have collectively raised over US$153 million in investments, serving more than 37.5 million customers across 52 African countries. The impact extends beyond monetary success, with over 123,000 direct and indirect jobs created. These entrepreneurs, with a combined reported revenue exceeding US$252 million, exemplify the power of entrepreneurship in fostering growth and innovation.

Fostering Collaboration: A Global Effort

ABH’s success is a testament to the collaborative spirit of investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals globally. A total of 903 volunteers, dedicating over 15,280 hours, have been instrumental in judging, mentoring, and supporting thousands of contestants. This collective effort highlights the competition’s commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial landscape in Africa.

Looking Ahead: A Mission to Inspire Millions

As ABH looks back on its journey, Jason Pau, Executive Director of International Programs at the Jack Ma Foundation, expresses gratitude to all collaborators. He emphasizes the mission ahead: to continue identifying and supporting African Business Heroes, inspiring millions more. ABH remains dedicated to its grassroots-oriented, inclusive approach, making it a unique and impactful force in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Africa’s Business Heroes Prize Competition stands as a beacon of empowerment, spotlighting visionaries who drive positive change in their communities. As it looks to the future, ABH remains a catalyst for innovation, growth, and socio-economic impact across the African continent.