Unleashing AI in Home Delivery

In a groundbreaking move, Egyptian AI-driven logistics startup, Roboost, has secured a substantial $3 million in funding. Founded in 2020 by Mohamed Gessraha, Roboost is not just a delivery management platform; it's a tech-driven solution that leverages AI to automate delivery operations, addressing performance issues with unparalleled precision.

AI-Powered Efficiency

Roboost's self-learning AI system is a game-changer, minimizing human intervention and automating home delivery fleets. Proprietary machine learning, pre-delivery technology, and precision auto-dispatching are at the core of its innovative approach. The platform introduces "smart routes" based on text addresses, optimizing delivery operations for around 70% of offline orders.

Network and Scale

With a vast network of over 15,000 delivery drivers, Roboost caters to approximately 10 million clients. The platform boasts automating up to 40 million orders, demonstrating its efficacy and impact on the logistics landscape.

Clientele and Achievements

Roboost's client portfolio includes prominent names such as El Ezaby Pharmacies, Jumlaty, Buffalo Burger, and McDonald's in Kuwait and Egypt. The startup reports remarkable achievements, including a doubled delivery speed, up to 99.8% task automation rate, an 80% reduction in order returns, and a 30% decrease in operational costs. These strides translate into a staggering 400% increase in revenue year over year.

Future Vision and Investor Confidence

Mohamed Gessraha, CEO of Roboost, emphasizes the company's vision of redefining automated delivery operations through its cutting-edge technology. Investor Hossam Shafick from Silicon Badia expresses confidence in Roboost, stating that the investment firm is poised to support the startup in achieving regional and global success.

Shaping the Future of Logistics

Roboost's infusion of AI into home delivery operations not only transforms efficiency but also sets the stage for redefining industry standards. With this recent investment, the startup is well-positioned to further innovate, expand its reach, and solidify its role as a leader in AI-driven logistics across the globe.