The Birth of Theqa

Madinet Masr, a leading urban community developer in Egypt, has unveiled Theqa, a groundbreaking property warranty solution developed under its innovation arm, Madinet Masr Innovation Labs. Theqa aims to revolutionize the real estate market by addressing one of its most pressing challenges: the unpredictability of maintenance costs post-property handover.

A Paradigm Shift

Theqa's innovative warranty system simplifies the maintenance process for customers by replacing traditional maintenance deposits with a property warranty certificate. This certificate ensures hassle-free maintenance and operation services for up to 20 years after property receipt, underscoring Madinet Masr's dedication to nurturing sustainable communities and fostering growth in Egypt.

Enhancing Property Value: The Promise of Theqa

With Theqa, Madinet Masr guarantees superior maintenance for all its projects, thereby enhancing their overall value and positioning each unit for future appreciation. This commitment to excellence reflects Madinet Masr's unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled real estate services and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Addressing Customer Concerns

In Egypt's real estate sector, maintenance deposits have long been a contentious issue, causing financial uncertainty for customers. Theqa eliminates this uncertainty by providing a transparent and reliable solution, ensuring customers' peace of mind and financial stability, even amidst economic fluctuations.

Leadership Perspective: Driving Innovation Forward

Abdallah Sallam, President and CEO of Madinet Masr, emphasizes Theqa's alignment with the company's expansion strategy and its mission to cater to the diverse needs of the Egyptian market. Leveraging Madinet Masr's rich legacy spanning 65 years, Sallam underscores the importance of introducing innovative solutions that address customer challenges and uphold the company's reputation for excellence.

Strategic Insight: The Evolution of Innovation

Salah Katamish, Senior Vice President of Investment and Strategy, highlights Theqa as the latest addition to Madinet Masr Innovation Labs' portfolio of innovative solutions. Following the success of Touba and SAFE, Theqa represents yet another milestone in Madinet Masr's journey towards driving meaningful change and transforming the real estate landscape in Egypt.

As Madinet Masr introduces Theqa, it paves the way for a new era in property warranty solutions, redefining industry standards and setting a precedent for customer-centric innovation. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and a legacy of delivering unparalleled services, Madinet Masr continues to lead the charge towards creating sustainable communities and fostering economic growth in Egypt.