From Local to Global

South Africa's Revio, a leading payment orchestration platform, has rebranded to "Precium" to reflect its evolution from a local payment processor to a global payments platform. This change comes in the wake of significant growth and international recognition.

Early Beginnings and Vision

Founded in 2020 and launched in 2021, Revio aimed to simplify payment operations for African merchants. By minimizing complexity, cost, and risk, the platform sought to help businesses reach and retain more customers.

Technological Capabilities

Through a single PCI-compliant platform and API, Precium now offers global and local merchants access to over 70 payment methods. The platform enables configurable routing, retry rules, and dynamic customer engagement throughout the payment journey.

In October last year, the startup announced a seed investment round of US$5.2 million. This funding was aimed at expanding its capabilities and presence across Africa, which has been accompanied by rapid growth in team size, product offerings, and merchant base.

The Rebranding Decision

Nicole Dunn, co-founder and COO of Precium, highlighted the unexpected early interest from global merchants. These businesses, looking to penetrate African consumer markets, required high standards of security, processing reliability, and local expertise—needs that Precium is uniquely positioned to meet.

The decision to rebrand was influenced by several factors. Dunn explained, “What started as a venture to provide world-class payment technologies to South African merchants has since evolved into a platform for global merchants to access emerging African markets. Our operations remain rooted in South Africa, but our clientele is increasingly international. The rebrand to Precium signifies our growth into a globally competitive payment infrastructure platform, designed for enterprise scale.”

The rebrand to Precium also addresses potential conflicts with global businesses with similar names. “This exponential growth attracted interest from global entities within and outside our industry that had names similar to Revio. To future-proof our growth and global presence, we decided to rebrand,” Dunn said. The rebranding process was seen as a strategic move to reflect on their business and brand identity, aiming to make a global impact.

A New Era for Precium

Precium's rebranding marks a significant milestone in its journey from a South African startup to a global payment orchestration platform. With its robust technological infrastructure and a clear vision for international expansion, Precium is poised to make a substantial impact on the global payments landscape.