South African cross-border money transfer startup, Mama Money, has forged an innovative partnership with Access Bank and Paymentology to unveil a revolutionary WhatsApp-powered bank card service. This collaboration aims to enhance financial inclusion and provide seamless banking solutions for Mama Money's extensive user base.

Introduction to Mama Money

Mama Money has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in the international money transfer market, boasting a user base exceeding 720,000. The company offers a range of services through its free mobile application, including international money transfers and essential banking functionalities.

WhatsApp Integration for Enhanced Accessibility

The newly introduced Mama Money Card integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp, allowing users to conduct various banking activities directly through the messaging platform. This includes transferring payments internationally, purchasing electricity and airtime, downloading bank statements, checking balances, and managing accounts. This data-friendly solution is designed to cater to Mama Money’s diverse customer base in South Africa, which includes individuals from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, and India.

Expanding Financial Access

With the Mama Money Card, customers can easily access fundamental financial services and send money to over 70 countries worldwide. This initiative is particularly beneficial for the migrant community, offering them a convenient and accessible banking solution.

Advanced Security Features

Paymentology’s next-generation payment solution enhances the security of the Mama Money Card. Users can instantly freeze their cards via WhatsApp in case of loss or theft, providing peace of mind and ensuring the safety of their funds.

Empowering Communities

"The Mama Money Card represents a significant step in empowering communities, particularly aiding migrants. It provides a platform for secure employer payments, encourages savings, and ultimately contributes to the financial well-being of its users. By catering to the specific needs of a diverse customer base, Mama Money continues to dismantle financial barriers and promote inclusivity," stated Mathieu Coquillon, co-founder of Mama Money.