Pioneering Collaborative Venture Fund

Five major global retailers have joined forces to establish W23 Global, a groundbreaking collaborative venture fund aimed at accelerating innovation within the retail sector. With a focus on leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences, revolutionize the grocery value chain, and tackle sustainability challenges, W23 Global represents a new frontier in retail investment.

Equal Partnerships, Collective Vision

Each retailer involved serves as an equal funder and partner in W23 Global, with their CEOs contributing to the fund's investment committee. Led by CEO and Chief Investment Officer Ingrid Maes, W23 Global offers a unique proposition for investors and portfolio companies alike, providing unparalleled access to transformative innovation in the grocery sector on a global scale.

Driving Transformative Change

Ingrid Maes emphasizes W23 Global's commitment to identifying and addressing common challenges faced by the retail industry. By collaborating with investors and leveraging insights from leading grocery CEOs, the fund aims to expedite the development and deployment of innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of retailers and consumers.

Unrestricted Growth, Unmatched Impact

W23 Global operates in tandem with its partners' existing innovation and investment strategies, empowering portfolio companies to engage with a diverse range of customers and stakeholders. Shoprite Group CEO Pieter Engelbrecht underscores the importance of innovation in addressing unique trading circumstances, particularly in regions marked by economic inequality.

Global Collaboration for Sustainable Solutions

Ahold Delhaize CEO Frans Muller emphasizes the power of collaboration in driving retail innovation and fostering sustainability. With a focus on maximizing collective impact, W23 Global aims to partner with best-in-class startups and scale-ups to deliver greater value to communities worldwide.

Expanding Retail Innovation Horizons

Tesco CEO Ken Murphy highlights the partnership's commitment to seeking out the best retail innovations and promoting sustainability on a global scale. By collaborating with leading grocery retailers, W23 Global seeks to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and address key industry challenges.

Harnessing Innovation for Positive Change

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci emphasizes the role of innovation in creating personalized experiences for customers and minimizing environmental impact. Through partnerships with entrepreneurs, Woolworths Group aims to scale ideas that address significant challenges for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Charting the Future of Grocery Retail

Empire Company Limited President & CEO Michael Medline expresses excitement about the unique partnership and its potential to drive innovation within the grocery retail industry. By working together with global leaders, W23 Global seeks to pioneer solutions that benefit customers and address critical industry issues.

Investment Focus: Driving Change and Sustainability

W23 Global will focus its investments on startups and scale-ups leveraging technology to benefit consumers, optimize grocery value chains, and address sustainability challenges. By supporting innovation from farm to household, the fund aims to drive positive change and promote a more sustainable future for the retail industry.