ALX Ventures, the entrepreneurial facilitation division of ALX, has expanded its footprint to South Africa, aiming to empower a new generation of agile startups with cutting-edge digital skills. Following successful ventures in Nigeria and Rwanda, the launch of its program in South Africa marks a pivotal moment in the country's tech landscape.

Seeding Innovation

With over 1,300 applications received for its inaugural cohort, ALX Ventures is poised to provide substantial support to budding tech virtuosos and startups in South Africa. The program aims to catalyze the growth of these enterprises, facilitating access to capital and fostering innovation to address global challenges and seize business opportunities.

Diving into Leadership

Divesh Sooka, General Manager of ALX in South Africa, emphasizes the crucial role of tech entrepreneurs in driving Africa's progress. ALX is dedicated to equipping the continent's youth with the skills needed to spearhead transformative businesses and navigate the digital age effectively.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

As a leading provider of technology education in Africa, ALX prepares young Africans with both technical expertise and essential interpersonal skills. Through African Leadership International, ALX offers comprehensive programs designed to position learners as digital pioneers in burgeoning sectors.

Program Overview

ALX's programs cater to young Africans aged 18 to 34, offering online access to educational tracks tailored for qualifying participants. In South Africa, learners also have access to tech hubs in Johannesburg, providing an immersive learning experience.

Holistic Curriculum

ALX's curriculum encompasses vital soft skills alongside technical training, recognizing the importance of leadership and adaptability in driving individual and enterprise success. The educational journey includes the Founder Academy, the Accelerator Programme, and the Venture Capital Fund.

Building a Skillset for Success

Sooka emphasizes the importance of soft skills such as leadership, adaptability, and perseverance in fostering creative problem-solving and driving innovation. ALX has a proven track record, with over 97,000 students completing its tech courses and a significant increase in enrollment in 2024.

Empowering South African Talent

ALX Ventures is committed to nurturing South Africa's emerging talent, empowering them to address local challenges and participate in the global digital landscape. By providing the necessary tools and support, ALX Ventures aims to lay a strong foundation for African enterprise and shape the economic destiny of South African youth.