SasaPay Honored at Africa Digital Economy Awards 2023

In a momentous achievement, SasaPay, a trailblazing digital payments service provider, has clinched the prestigious title of Africa’s Best Emerging Digital Payment Provider of the Year at the 8th Edition of the Africa Digital Economy Awards 2023 in Nairobi. InstinctWave, the organizer of ADEA and publisher of Digital Economy magazine, emphasized that this accolade serves as a powerful catalyst, urging SasaPay to persist in its commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability within the digital economy landscape.

SasaPay's Vision

Daniel Njoroge, the Chief Operating Officer of SasaPay, expressed the company's dedication to revolutionizing digital payments and promoting financial inclusion. The award underscores SasaPay's commitment to providing innovative solutions tailored to the diverse needs of its customers.

InstinctWave's Commitment to Appreciation

Akin Naphtal, CEO of InstinctWave Group and Executive Publisher, highlighted the importance of recognizing diverse contributions that drive progress and enhance daily lives. The awards, according to Naphtal, signify appreciation and a commitment to nurturing the positive impact of the digital economy on society.

SasaPay's Strategic Expansion

SasaPay secured this prestigious award merely two months after unveiling a new strategy designed to expand its customer base in both Kenya and the diaspora market. The core of SasaPay’s strategy revolves around providing cutting-edge and seamless financial solutions while ensuring a secure payments experience for various businesses.

Targeted Sectors: A Holistic Approach

SasaPay's focus extends to diverse sectors, including the financial services sector, encompassing banks, Saccos, and digital lenders. Additionally, the strategy caters to SMEs in general trade, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, players in the transport sector, agricultural enterprises, and manufacturers.

Positioning Kenya as the Gateway to Africa

Beyond its immediate successes, SasaPay aspires to position Kenya as the gateway to Africa through the establishment of a robust financial ecosystem. The company has strategically linked SasaPay to various payment gateways worldwide. This interconnectedness empowers individuals and businesses on the SasaPay platform to conduct seamless transactions with counterparts anywhere in the world.

SasaPay’s recognition as Africa’s Best Emerging Digital Payment Provider of the Year underscores its commitment to excellence, innovation, and shaping the future of digital payments in the region.