In the heart of Kenya, amidst the rolling hills, Khamuye Norah embarked on a journey that blends her passion for environmental conservation with a commitment to uplifting local communities. The co-founder of Gotabet Nurseries Ltd, Khamuye's story is one of resilience, innovation, and a deep-rooted connection to the land.

Founding Principles

Established in 2018, Gotabet Nurseries Ltd has its roots in Khamuye's profound love for environmental preservation. What began as a passion project soon evolved into a business, fueled by the vision to create employment opportunities and contribute to sustainable agriculture. The company's core values, including resource development, partnerships, education, and awareness, reflect a holistic approach to agribusiness.

Product Offerings and Services

Gotabet Nurseries Ltd specializes in the propagation of plants, with a focus on macadamia, Hass avocado, and key apple. The farm not only produces raw macadamia nuts but also provides training on financial management and agribusiness consulting services. The aim is not just to sell products but to create a sustainable ecosystem that supports farmers in their journey from planting to market.

Business Model and Revenue Generation

The farm-to-fork strategy employed by Gotabet Nurseries Ltd ensures a direct link between the produce and consumers. Revenue is generated through the sale of agroforestry seedlings, raw/roasted macadamia nuts, and capacity-building services for smallholder farmers. The model emphasizes quality, traceability, and sustainability.

Target Market and Customer Engagement

The target market spans agroforestry clients, local farmers, macadamia processors, and the export market. To meet customer needs, the company focuses on ensuring the sufficiency of farm produce, high-quality production, affordability, and environmental protection. Customer retention strategies include market share expansion, community outreach, and promoting logical distribution.

Competitive Edge and Milestones

Gotabet Nurseries Ltd sets itself apart through a commitment to quality, traceability, and ongoing efforts in farmer aggregation. The introduction of value addition, such as roasting and selling macadamia nuts, adds a unique dimension to the business. Milestones include evolving from passionate farmers to small business owners impacting livelihoods and venturing into processing through the value chain.

Social Impact

The social impact of Gotabet Nurseries Ltd is evident in its role in promoting a green economy through end-to-end supply of propagation seedlings, providing livelihoods through employment, and acting as a market for macadamia nuts. The company's sustainability practices are rooted in organic farming and a commitment to technological adoption and professionalism.

Long-Term Vision and Growth Strategy

Looking ahead, Gotabet Nurseries Ltd envisions diversification into peanut oil and macadamia nut butter, beekeeping for honey, and establishing itself as a hub for various agribusiness activities. The company aims to transform agribusiness, the value chain, and nature through organic farming and technological integration. Long-term growth is envisioned through business partnerships and a commitment to professionalism.

Words of Wisdom

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Khamuye Norah offers a powerful piece of advice, "Do not wait for an opportunity to come by. It lies within you if you can start; just start with what you have, and the rest will follow." Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of determination, innovation, and a deep connection to the land.