Telecom Egypt, the leading telecommunications provider in Egypt, has formed a strategic partnership with Huawei Cloud to introduce the first Huawei public cloud platform in the country. This initiative is a significant step towards advancing Egypt’s digital transformation agenda.

Infrastructure and Reach

Telecom Egypt’s data centers will host the new public cloud platform, which is set to extend its reach to over 60 countries worldwide. This expansive global connectivity will be supported by Telecom Egypt’s robust network of over 14 submarine cable systems, a number expected to rise to 18 by 2025.

Strategic Goals

This partnership aligns with Telecom Egypt’s strategy to position the nation as a premier regional hub for cloud computing and digital services. By utilizing its extensive network infrastructure and industry expertise, Telecom Egypt aims to seamlessly integrate Huawei Cloud solutions into Egypt’s existing technological framework, ensuring a smooth transition and effective management of new services.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Huawei Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of scenario-based solutions and over 240 advanced professional services. These offerings cover the entire spectrum of cloud engagement, including construction, migration, utilization, and management of cloud resources. This broad range of services caters to the diverse needs of businesses seeking to leverage cloud computing for innovation and growth.

Commitment to Security and Dependability

Huawei Cloud is dedicated to providing Egyptian businesses with a secure and reliable cloud environment. This commitment allows companies to focus on innovation and expansion without the burden of managing IT infrastructure. Huawei’s significant presence in the Middle East and Africa over the past two decades underpins its ability to meet the dynamic needs of these markets effectively.

Impact on Business Sectors

The introduction of this public cloud service is expected to grant businesses across various sectors in Egypt seamless access to advanced cloud solutions. These solutions are anticipated to drive progress in areas such as e-commerce, live streaming, and the sharing economy, fostering technological advancements and economic growth.

Employment and Economic Development

The launch of the cloud platform is projected to create numerous employment opportunities for young people in Egypt and across North, West, and Central Africa. This development will contribute to regional economic growth and technological progress, supporting the overall mission of digital transformation.

Leadership Remarks

Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Egypt, emphasized the significance of the collaboration with Huawei Cloud. He described it as a pivotal achievement in their mission to equip businesses with cutting-edge technological capabilities. Nasr highlighted that Telecom Egypt’s hosting services will provide comprehensive network access within Egypt, enhancing business operations and supporting the company's goal of becoming a leading international digital hub with an interconnected ecosystem.