212Founders Programme's Strategic Investment

In a momentous development for Morocco's startup landscape, the 212Founders programme, operating under CDG Invest, the investment arm of the CDG Group, has strategically invested in Crealo. This investment forms a crucial part of Crealo's inaugural seed funding round, which also witnessed the participation of notable entities such as Kima Ventures, Evolem, Super Capital, and a select group of business angels. The total funding amassed for this round stands at an impressive 14.1 million dirhams, with CDG Invest contributing a substantial 4.9 million dirhams.

This injection of capital signifies a pivotal moment for Crealo, positioning it as a frontrunner in the domain of copyright management. The funds are poised to play a pivotal role in elevating the quality of Crealo's product, forging new partnerships, and expanding its workforce. This strategic move is expected to accelerate the startup's growth trajectory.

212Founders Programme's Impactful Legacy

The 212Founders programme, dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and advancing economic sophistication in Morocco, has been instrumental in shaping the startup ecosystem. Since its establishment in 2019, the programme has successfully executed 18 financings in both Seed and Series A stages, amassing a cumulative total of 97 million dirhams.

Crealo's Unique Proposition

Founded in 2021, Crealo stands out as the first European solution dedicated to comprehensively addressing copyright issues across various sectors of the cultural and creative industries. With a diverse and prestigious client base, including Palais de Tokyo, L’Équipe, Beaux-Arts Magazine, and the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, Crealo's platform caters to organizations of varying sizes. It offers a sophisticated and user-friendly system that streamlines and automates the entire process of copyright royalty management in France.

Crealo's Impact on the Publishing Landscape

Crealo's innovative approach enables publishing houses to calculate and disburse royalties with unprecedented ease and efficiency. The platform has already facilitated several clients in transitioning from annual to more frequent royalty settlements, showcasing its effectiveness and added convenience. Najlae Zeitouni, Co-founder and CEO of Crealo, emphasizes the company’s commitment to making royalty payments as seamless as salary disbursements.

212Founders Programme's Perspective

Nawfal Fassi Fihri, Director of the 212Founders programme, expresses enthusiasm about welcoming the talented team behind Crealo into the fold of Moroccan entrepreneurial successes. He lauds the robust technological solution that Crealo brings to a market brimming with potential, underscoring the startup’s promising prospects in revolutionizing the management of copyright royalties.