A Strategic Union for B2B E-Commerce Innovation

In a significant development for the Moroccan business landscape, Chari, a pioneering B2B e-commerce startup, has clinched a funding partnership with UM6P Ventures. This collaboration sees the financial backing of Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique's investment arm, UM6P Ventures, indicating a pivotal moment for both entities in advancing scientific innovation and entrepreneurship in Morocco and beyond.

Chari's Visionary Journey

Founded in 2020 by the dynamic duo Ismael and Sophia Belkhayat, Chari stands out as a Moroccan powerhouse in the B2B e-commerce realm. The platform specializes in providing embedded financing solutions tailored for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. In a short span, Chari has evolved to empower traditional neighborhood store owners, enabling seamless product orders with swift deliveries. The platform's footprint extends beyond Morocco, reaching Tunisia and the Ivory Coast. Impressively, it has onboarded over 20,000 food businesses, marking its influence in the market.

UM6P Ventures: Nurturing Innovation

UM6P Ventures, as the investment fund of Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P), is committed to propelling scientific innovation and entrepreneurship. Anchored by two vital initiatives—the Digital Transformation Fund and the Deeptech Projects Fund—UM6P Ventures plays a strategic role in shaping the technological landscape of Morocco and Africa at large.

Catalyst for Growth and Transformation

UM6P Ventures' decision to invest in Chari underscores a shared vision for technological advancement and business evolution. The investment fund's dedication to fostering scientific innovation aligns seamlessly with Chari's mission to redefine the landscape of B2B e-commerce in Morocco and beyond.

Chari's Strategic Deployment of Funding

Ismael Belkhayat, co-founder of Chari, articulates that the secured funding will serve as a cornerstone for establishing dominance in the B2B e-commerce sector. Emphasizing financial integration, Chari sets its sights on providing a comprehensive suite of financial services to local businesses. The strategic goal revolves around facilitating enhanced access to vital financial resources, thereby catalyzing the growth and prosperity of businesses connected through the Chari platform.

The Road Ahead

As Chari embarks on this new phase of financial empowerment, the company positions itself not merely as a B2B e-commerce facilitator but as a harbinger of financial inclusion. The infusion of funds from UM6P Ventures propels Chari toward its goal of seamlessly integrating financial services, marking a transformative step in the local business ecosystem.

UM6P Ventures' Role in Industry Transformation

UM6P Ventures, through its investment in Chari, not only supports a promising startup but actively participates in the redefinition of financial dynamics within the B2B e-commerce sector. This strategic collaboration signifies a broader initiative to drive innovation and entrepreneurial excellence in Morocco, fostering a conducive environment for emerging businesses.

A Symbiotic Future for Chari and UM6P Ventures

As Chari navigates the path towards market dominance and financial inclusivity, the partnership with UM6P Ventures becomes instrumental. The synergy between technological innovation and financial prowess is poised to reshape the narrative of B2B e-commerce in Morocco, amplifying the impact of both Chari and UM6P Ventures in the evolving entrepreneurial landscape.