A Transformative Collaboration

Kenyan fintech trailblazer, SasaPay, joins forces with investment solutions pioneer, Etica Capital Ltd, in a groundbreaking partnership set to redefine financial empowerment in Kenya. This strategic alliance heralds a new era of accessibility and innovation in the fintech landscape, offering customers unparalleled opportunities for wealth creation and growth.

Empowering Financial Freedom

SasaPay customers are set to benefit from seamless money transfers, with the ability to transfer funds directly from their wallets to Etica Capital for investment purposes. Moreover, customers can effortlessly cash out their investments and transfer returns directly into their SasaPay wallets, streamlining the investment process and enhancing financial accessibility.

Enhanced Convenience: Integrated Solutions

In a move aimed at enhancing customer convenience, Etica Capital customers will have the option to leverage SasaPay as a cash-in and cash-out solution directly within the Etica app. This integrated approach ensures a seamless user experience, empowering investors to manage their finances with ease and efficiency.

Empowering Customers

SasaPay commemorated this significant partnership via their LinkedIn platform, celebrating it as a monumental milestone for their customers. By providing access to investment opportunities and fostering wealth growth, SasaPay and Etica Capital unlock a world of possibilities, enabling individuals to realize their financial goals and aspirations.

Etica Capital's Vision

Etica Capital Limited, a customer-centric wealth-tech company licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Kenya, envisions revolutionizing wealth management through technology. With a platform built on transparency, innovation, and financial inclusion, Etica Capital seeks to instill confidence in investors and pave the way for a more accessible and inclusive financial landscape.

A Testament to Fintech Innovation

Jeremiah Chunge, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Etica Capital Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its significance in the African fintech space. As fintech continues to drive innovation and reshape financial services across the continent, partnerships like these underscore the exciting opportunities on the horizon for both investors and consumers alike.