Xeno, a prominent Ugandan investment service provider, has officially unveiled its investment platform in Kenya. This move marks the company's formal entry into the Kenyan market, aiming to equip Kenyans with the necessary tools for digital investments.

Vision for Financial Inclusion

Aéko Ongodia, the founder of Xeno, emphasized the company's mission: “Financial security shouldn’t be a privilege for the wealthy. At XENO, we envision an Africa where everyone, everywhere can achieve their financial aspirations.” This vision underlines Xeno's commitment to making financial security accessible to all, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

Strategic Partnerships

To ensure the security of invested funds and instill confidence among investors, Xeno has partnered with NCBA Bank. This strategic alliance aims to bolster investor trust and provide a robust financial foundation for Xeno's operations in Kenya.

Regulatory Approval

Xeno has received the necessary regulatory approval from the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to offer its services in Kenya. This endorsement validates Xeno's business model and assures potential investors of the platform's legitimacy and compliance with local regulations.

Technological Innovations

Leveraging technology is at the core of Xeno's platform. The Auto Save feature is a key innovation that enables customers to automatically deposit funds into their Xeno investment accounts. This automation simplifies the investment process, encouraging consistent and disciplined saving habits among users.

USSD Option for Accessibility

Recognizing the need to cater to a diverse user base, Xeno plans to introduce a USSD option. This feature will allow users without smartphones to access and manage their investments, ensuring inclusivity and broadening the platform's reach.

Expansion and Growth

Launched in 2017, Xeno has quickly established itself as a reliable fintech company. With its entry into the Kenyan market, Xeno seeks to expand its footprint further, offering innovative investment solutions to a larger audience across East Africa.