AviaDev Africa, the continent's premier platform dedicated to enhancing connectivity to, from, and within Africa, is set to hold its maiden event in Windhoek, Namibia. This highly anticipated aviation event will bring together key players from airlines, tourism authorities, governments, and industry suppliers to discuss and explore strategies for achieving seamless travel across the African continent.

Gathering Industry Leaders

The top-tier aviation event promises to be a significant gathering, uniting over 200 aviation industry stakeholders under one roof. Participants will include airlines, tourism authorities, government officials, and industry suppliers, all focused on improving air travel connectivity throughout Africa. The event aims to foster collaboration and create a cohesive strategy for enhancing travel across the continent.

Namibian Hospitality

The Namibian Tourism Board (NTB), the national marketing agency, will be the official host of AviaDev Africa 2024. They plan to welcome delegates with an evening of unique Namibian hospitality, showcasing the country's culture and traditions. Delegates will have the opportunity to experience the rich and diverse beauty of Namibia, known as the "Land of the Brave."

Event Highlights

The NTB will host an exciting evening reception on June 18, 2024. This event aims to set the stage for future AviaDev Africa gatherings, establishing a new benchmark for excellence. Bonnie Mbidzo, Acting CEO of the Namibia Tourism Board, emphasized the significance of this event: "Namibia is ready to showcase our diverse and amazing tourism offerings to the key decision makers in the aviation and tourism industries. It is an honor for us to be hosting this major event, and the sector will do its best to ensure the warm Namibian hospitality is felt."

Importance of Aviation in Tourism

Mbidzo highlighted the crucial role of the aviation sector in driving the growth and development of the tourism industry. He noted that the event is not just another industry gathering but a recognition of aviation's essential contribution to tourism. The partnership with key stakeholders, including the Namibia Airports Company (NAC), underscores the collaborative effort required to make this event a success.

A Warm Welcome to Namibia

Bonnie Mbidzo extended a warm invitation to all delegates: "Experience the tastes, flavors, sights, and sounds of Namibia at our informal welcome reception." This reception will provide a perfect introduction to Namibia's rich cultural heritage and hospitality, setting a positive tone for the entire event.