Engineering Commences

In a significant move toward bolstering Egypt's fertilizer production capabilities, MAIRE Tecnimont has received the green light to initiate engineering works for the nitric acid and ammonium nitrate plant. This strategic endeavor is a collaboration with KIMA, the Egyptian Chemical Industries Company.

Advance Payment Sets the Stage

MAIRE Tecnimont has not only secured the authorization for engineering works but has also received the essential advance payment, signifying a pivotal milestone in the project's progression. The company is gearing up for full-scale engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) activities, a consortium-led initiative by Tecnimont, anticipated to commence by the end of June 2024.

Environmental Enhancement Through Modernization

The envisaged nitric acid and ammonium nitrate plant, slated to be operational by 2026, holds transformative potential for the Aswan Governorship in Upper Egypt. A key objective is the replacement of aging units for ammonium nitrate, accompanied by the integration of abatement systems. This strategic move aims to curtail greenhouse emissions, contributing to elevated energy efficiency and heightened environmental standards at the facility.

A Sustainable Vision: CEO's Perspective

Expressing enthusiasm for the project, Alessandro Bernini, CEO of MAIRE, stated, "We are glad to start this strategic project, which is important for the industrial plans of KIMA as well as for the development of the agricultural activities in the whole region." The project aligns with a broader vision of fostering industrial and agricultural growth in the region.

Holistic Utilization

The upcoming plant is poised to leverage the capabilities of the recently established upstream ammonia production facility, a testament to Tecnimont's prowess. This facility, operational since 2020 in the same industrial site, is a crucial component in enhancing the economic viability of the complex. The ammonium nitrate produced will serve as a fertilizer for local farmers while opening avenues for international exportation.

Empowering Agro-Industrial Landscape

As MAIRE Tecnimont propels forward with this strategic project, the impact is expected to reverberate through the agro-industrial landscape. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, the initiative not only enhances the facility's operational efficiency but also contributes to broader economic and environmental objectives.